Top IT Skills in Demand in 2021

After everything we went through in 2020, 2021 is sure to be a year of continued adjustments and accelerated digital transformation.

Soft Skills: 6 Nontechnical Traits CISOs Need to Succeed

Degrees, certifications, and experience are all important to career development, but mastering the people side of the equation may matter a whole lot more, CISOs say.

20 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Remote Workers

How can you protect your precious corporate endpoints from the mysterious dangers that might await when you’re not by their side? Empower home office users with these tips.

Why quality data will always be the foundation of Artificial Intelligence?

Like it or not, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already having an impact on our everyday lives, though most people don’t even recognize it.

AXELOS survey reveals almost third of university graduates are not adequately prepared for their careers

Almost a third (31%) of graduates say their degree didn’t prepare them with the skills needed for their job. This is the result of a recent survey conducted by AXELOS* among 810 graduates across the UK.


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